Yo Calgary!!!

Back for my 5th year of Calgary Comic and Entertaiment Expo. Immigration had an interesting new wrinkle, yet overall it was relatively smooth and they let me in to sell useless stuff again:)



Packed and shipped all day, and finally got my head around the price rate increases with FedEx. Since I have no interest in standing in line at the post office, i’m either gonna have to eat the difference or raise my rates. Yep, raise my rates.


Early Morning Glory

Woke up early this morning (4am) to a domestic dispute a few rooms down in the hotel. I never heard the phrase “dumb ass n!&&€r repeated, loudly, so much in the span of 30 minutes… Needless to say, everything looks full go for a great con in Florida! Go Megacon!

Lazarus Pit

Working on a batman scene commission. In pieces like this, I do the enviroment first and then draw the characters on a xerox of the scene. Its generally easier to piece in the figures in there in the right perspective that way. batman